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Mansoor Ali Metal & Scrap TR LLC is an individual company and comprehensive online platform for buying and selling scrap and metal wastes. Whether you're a scrap dealer, recycling facility, or an individual looking to monetize your waste materials, we have the perfect marketplace for you. With our user-friendly interface and extensive network of buyers and sellers, you can unlock the hidden value of your scrap and metal wastes like never before. Our acceptable scrap material could be all types of copper, iron, aluminum, wood, batteries, plastic, etc.

This company is founded by Mansoor Ali Solangi and their brothers in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE), We offer a fast and reliable service to our clients and all kinds of materials that we mentioned above and can collect using our wide range of vehicles like to pick up, trucks, trailers, and skip. Our success is based on a highly professional, innovative, and customer-focused approach. We have well-equipped facilities to process the quality of our products and our strong backward integrations enable us to successfully control and streamline various operations involved. We are serving several satisfied customers, suppliers, and industries around the UAE.





Acceptable Materials



Iron scrap also known as ferrous metal scrap is a recyclable material which is helpful during the production of iron products. We can buy and sell all kinds iron like rebar, PNS, structure flat and round bars, solid plates, angles, scaffolding, tubes, pipes, and, raw metals, etc.



Copper scrap is one of the most valuable recyclable wastes, we can also buy and sell all kinds of copper scrap like dry bright copper, greasy bright copper, burnt copper wire, heavy copper, new copper tube, braziery copper, copper turning, radiators, compo rads, and electric motors, etc.



Aluminum is a non-ferrous and non-magnetic material, we can also buy and sell all kinds of aluminum scrap like cast aluminum, aluminum cans, dirty aluminum, aluminum gutters siding, aluminum wire aluminum rims, windows doors and frames, etc.



Wood scrap is produced in all stages of the manufacturing process. We can also buy and sell wood waste like pilot and pile wood, dry wood, used wooden furniture or cartons for the package, large scrap or small scrap wood, solid wood or composites wood, hardened wood, and wood chips, etc.



Plastic scrap is melted and reformed into new items. Plastic parings are used to make several items including brooms, brushes, and toothbrushes, we can also buy and sell plastic scraps like pvc pipes, pvc cables, plastic bags, and other kinds of plastic garbage.



Battery scrap contains several poisonous chemicals and heavy metals. Disposal of these batteries as regular trash deteriorates groundwater sources and causes contamination of soil. We can also buy and sell all kinds of old and repaired batteries garbage.


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